About Inspetta


What's In A Name?

Name is everything! Sometimes, it can be ambiguous.  Take Google.  A strange name to some, yet a work occassionally used as Googling, or Staring At, can't take your eyes off.  Yahoo was also a strage word for business.  As a kid, you'd play a cowboy and say YeeHaw and Yahoo.  It was a fun, let's get moving kind of term.  Locating a creative name, which can represent a business, while being unique and memorable is not easy.  The team at Inspetta can help!  Don't forget... when seeking an awesome name, be sure to consider any existing trademarks and domain registrations.

Tell me about the name Inspetta

Inspetta is a rare Italian word, with the closest meaning of Goal, Complete, Finish, Period on the End of the Sentence, or in Judicial circles... the Sentence.
It is the Mission of Inspetta LLC to install a Period at the End of the Sentence, of our products and services, provided or performed for you, without an 'IF' 'AND' or 'BUT,' nor hidden up-sells. Honest business, completely finished, on time and on budget. In sales, we endeavor to get straight to the Point. In service, to work sharply towards your goals. You establish the bar or goal. We both agree on the details and terms. Inspetta Completes it!  THAT IS Inspetta!  Another way to state it... The Period on the End of the Sentence!
Contact: Send inquiries to info@inspetta.com or call 888-221-0106.

Phone: +1 888 221 0106
E-mail: info(at)inspetta.com

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