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ASCI sees red as social media influencers disregard ad rules - Mint

ASCI sees red as social media influencers disregard ad rules  Mint


The Social Influencers fall into 2 camps. In the One Camp, they believe the world centers around themselves.. and many are hugely successful. Many believe that the New BizOpp is to be a Social Influencer and MLM is something of the Past. Sadly, they slowly find themselves in the Second Camp, realizing that all their income is build on their owne efforts, is not replicatible and is 100% their own time and effort.
Using Social Influencing to move some product is great, but leveragint a Team of other Sellers can multiply one's income potential, thereby ... MLM.

Launching an MLM Business an d Leveraging Social Influencers is also appealing... but get with attorneys to wrap up the message to specifically limit what is said or the company could face new levels of liability.
Anytime someone becomes the Independent Mouth-Piece of a company, use careful diligence in framing their message.
Companies that are careful in this area, while still able to leverage social influencers to gain some customers, and that have a system in place, driven by reliable Direct Selling and MLM Software.. These will be the Real Heros!

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