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What is a Responsive Website? - Friday, February 22, 2019

What is a Responsive Website?
What is Responsive MLM Software?

Great quesions!

A Responsive Website, is a website that adapts it's layout of content, images and video, to accommodate and be most useful on varied sizes of screens and devices, often from Mobile through Full Screen..

True MLM Software, is pretty sophisticated... and technology continues to advance.
..Thus responsive MLM Software and MLM Websites is CRITICAL!

Why is a Responsive Website Important?

Today, more than ever, users of your website have broad variances in the dimensions of their devices, making sites designed for one view, such as Desktop, to be unpleasing on a Tablet or Mobile.  Even within a single category, like Mobile, there are many different dimensions and screen resolutions. Tablets have many different dimensions, as well as desktops.
Thus, for users to enjoy their experience on your website, your website design should be Responsive!

Should MLM Software or MLM Website be Responsive?

Yes, for the same reasons noted above, and more so. Your Distributors or Consultants are promoting a replicated corporate site. If they are proud of it, they will be more likely to share it.  Further, if they share it a lot... Customers visit. Customers which enjoy navigating and browsing your products, will be more likely to hang around and spend money!

Our MLM Software clients, we've monitored the trend of mobile use grow. 
  • In 2018, our sits, and our client sites, were fluctuating between 50% to 65% mobile users.
  • In 2019, we are already witnessing a higher trend, with fluctuations of 60% to 80% mobile users.  Continually, we see the importance of Responsive Website, which are friendly to Mobile, Tablet and Desktops.
Now, in MLM Software, there are some areas, such as Administration or Distributor / Consultant Back Offices, which may contain some reports or tables with lot's of data. At some point, we have to accept that every page will not be perfectly responsive. From the Customer standpoint, every effort must be made for Mobile Friendly Responsiveness. On large reports, they should shrink as much as possible, and allow swipe to see columns which extend beyond the user's view.

MLM Software by Inspetta Powers some of the largest companies.

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