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Increase Sales: Convert eCommerce to MLM Direct Selling or Party Plan - Monday, March 11, 2019

Has your eCommerce Biz Flat-Lined?
Is your Income and Sales non-dependable?
When you stop Spending Ad-Dollars and stop Marketing, does your income STOP?
..Hmm, would you like a team, say of 10 people, working on 1099's, as Brand Ambassadors, seeking customers FOR you, in return for a small commission?
..Hmm, what if you could have 100 or 1000 Brand Ambassadors, working on 1099's...
....Would your sales Increase? ... Very Probably!
....Would your personal efforts, every day, be multiplied? ... Yes!
..Wow! How would you track such activities, provide administration on eCommerce to Commissions, provide personalized sales areas and reports for the Brand Ambassadors?
.... That get's a bit more specific, but the Good News is... it exists... It's called MLM Software or Network Marketing, Direct Selling, Party Plan Software.

Ok, would YOU like to Increase Sales... more Dependably, then your Own Effort?!

True MLM Software, by Inspetta, is the Front-End, Administration and Member Back Offices. It is a complete system and suite of tools. MLM Software, Direct Selling Software and Party Plan Software run on the same tracking core with some individual specialties. Companies choose Inspetta for our reliability, accuracy and willingness to perform custom requests to make a company unique MLM Software, by Inspetta is the Front-End, Administrative Back-End, CRM, Commissioning System, True Subdomain Replication, Distributor Back Offices, Genealogies and Reports. In other words, you load up your products, details and content and focus on what you do best, market your company and it's products/services.

Our Enterprise MLM Software includes multiple internal eWallet Systems, complex compensation plan configurations, bulk editing tools, replicated blogs, image and video reviews, complex sub-sku attribute combinations with optional barcoding and bin locations, back office and virtual(public) dedicated party links, the largest configuration possibilities of host rewards, checkout upsells and more.

What is MLM verses Direct Selling verses Party Plan?

This is the perfect place to start.
MLM is an abbreviation for Multi Level Marketing... referring to layers of Referrers. You invite me to become an Ambassador/Consultant/Distributor. I invite Sue. Technically, I am personally your Level 1, as you directly connected me to the company. Technically, Sue is your Level 2, as I directed Sue to the company. The pattern continues.
Each person may invite and support as many personally referred Ambassadors/Consultants/Distributors, as they like... in order to leverage Their Time and sales capabilities, just like YOU, the Company Owner are seeking to leverage and multiply Your Time and sales capabilities.
Ultimately, the point is for those referred persons to see the value of your Company's Products and/or Services, and engage in marketing Customers to make purchases.
A Compensation Plan should be designed in a fashion, to benefit those persons which are working hard, and referring a lot of sales, while maintaining good profitability for the company.
..Is it a Ponzi Scheme... no. Ponzi Schemes are structures of flushing money, without regard for any real product sale, only to pay people at the top some money.
..There are many examples of Ponzi Schemes, but MLM is not a Ponzi Scheme.
..That said, it is possible, that a particular MLM is operating illegally, or like a Ponzi Scheme.
....It is equally possible that a Car Dealer or Insurance Company or Hedge Fund Manager is operating illegally!
....Those that have operated illegally, do not make all Car Dealers, Insurance Corps or Hedge Funds illegal.

MLM is the traditional term. Direct Selling IS MLM, but represents a title those MLM Companies which to identify with, stating that they have more of a focus on Customers and Consumer-Based Products. Party Plan references companies that provide Added Sales Tools, which Brand Ambassadors/Consultants/Distributors may organize Events / Home Parties, invite folks and the sales of the Party total for various Host Rewards.  Affiliate is also used sometimes, and is the worst term to be used. These are often used by folks dodging the term MLM, however these folks tend to have compensation and business models that neglect legal methods and operations. It is still MLM, and 'some' could be legit.
Swallow hard... if you are tracking sales to 1 level or more, it is still MLM.
Different titles are just different attempts to deny or avoid the language, but is still MLM.
Just as you may start and run a Legal and Ethical Car Dealership, Insurance Corp or Hedge Fund, you can launch into MLM and do it RIGHT!

How do I Structure a Compensation Plan?

The Compensation Plan establishes Sales Goals for your 1099 Sales Associates. Goals based on Personal and Group/Team Sales are often used!
..Some believe a Compensation Plan should be SOOO Complex, that no one understands how to earn.
..Others believe a Compensation Plan should be Easy to Understand, with clearly defined benchmarks and goals for earning.
..Added Bonuses provide additional incentive to your Compensation Plan.
In short, the Compensation Plan plays an important role in the Atmosphere of your Sales Force. Are they Happy and Motivated to Sell? Are the de-incentivized to Sell and encouraged to Recruit?
..Careful, as you not only create the Atmosphere, but may also create legal jeopardy for the company!

Many MLM Compensation Plans are drawn up with no experience, overpay and break down. Over or under paying can cripple a company, but the compensation plan can also set the tone of the business as Product/Service based or Recruitment based.
..We can help you with the development of a Winning Compensation Plan!

MLM Software for MLM, Party Plan & Direct Selling

Inspetta's COMPLETE MLM Software Systems, with TRUE Replication, run successful MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan Companies, both Start-Ups and Large International Corporations. Those that choose MLM Software from Inspetta enjoy dedicated support from the development period through live operation, WITHOUT PER SUPPORT/TICKET FEES, plus a 24hr Emergency Line. What truly sets our systems apart are the extensive feature suites integrated into a high-performing and dependable platform.  Every features has been created to empower your MLM or Party Plan Company to SELL MORE!  Our systems are Complete, True MLM Software, covering the Front-End (Public), Administration, and Member/Distributor Back Office Suites.
We are a Full Service shop, offering Compensation Plans to Software Systems, Site Design to Marketing!

Mobile Friendly, a MUST!

Our MLM Software clients, we've monitored the trend of mobile use grow. 
  • In 2018, our sits, and our client sites, were fluctuating between 50% to 65% mobile users.
  • In 2019, we are already witnessing a higher trend, with fluctuations of 60% to 80% mobile users.  Continually, we see the importance of Responsive Website, which are friendly to Mobile, Tablet and Desktops.
Now, in MLM Software, there are some areas, such as Administration or Distributor / Consultant Back Offices, which may contain some reports or tables with lot's of data. At some point, we have to accept that every page will not be perfectly responsive. From the Customer standpoint, every effort must be made for Mobile Friendly Responsiveness. On large reports, they should shrink as much as possible, and allow swipe to see columns which extend beyond the user's view.

MLM Software by Inspetta Powers some of the largest companies.

Call me Direct at 619-770-7107 -Scott

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MLM Rank Names in MLM Software - Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Rank Name Ideas/Joggers Important in MLM Software's Compensation Plan Engine is Rank or Pin Level. You see, Rank Names or Pin Names fulfill 2 important roles. On the one hand, they exhort members for reaching sales goals, giving a Rank Title or Pin Level to boast about. On the other hand, the identify such Sales Goals, for the purpose of dividing Commissions and Bonuses. Be sure that your MLM Software is capable of managing Rank Qualifications and Potential Rank Commissions and Bonuses. This list can also be found in our Resources Section Rank Name Joggers MLM Rank Names...
Learn more about MLM Software at
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Personalizing MLM Software - Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Canned MLM Software... Customized MLM Software... "Dynamically Modified MLM Software"   We are speaking, in terms of design and personalization.  You could jump into a Canned MLM Software platform, with limits on what can be changed... You could find an MLM Software platform that can have a lot of Designs Customized, to your look and feel.  Wouldn't it be great, it Users, Independently, can Dynamically modify the look and feel of their Replicated Site, while staying in the confines of your company's brand and image?  Absolutely! One of the challenges...

Learn more about MLM Software at
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Why Does MLM Software COST Monthly... and Per User? - Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Here is an Article For you… Why do MLM Software providers charge Monthly and Per User Fees?... Shouldn’t MLM Software be FREE?   We receive a plethora of calls, ranging from experienced to inexperienced business owners.  Experienced owners of tech companies, are aware of technology expenses. Inexperienced owners will often ask why MLM Software companies charge Monthly fees, and often Per Distributor Fees.   In short, your MLM Software provider is your technology partner, responsible for maintaining your online presence, and scaling it, as your company grows. By...

Learn more about MLM Software at
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MLM Software Companies 2017 - Saturday, June 3, 2017


“MLM Software Central” number one, for MLM software companies 2017. There are various logical, practical and unique reasons why we are on top in the list of MLM software companies 2017.

Our MLM software is the world’s most accurate system you ever find in the market. Software accuracy is a distinctive attribute to measure the quality, reliability and Excellency of any software system. We are up to the mark in this factor.

Here is another major point, where we beat other MLM software companies in 2017. Execution time of our MLM software is very fast which makes our MLM software more efficient and dependable.

True sub-domain replication feature is a real booster for your websites ranking & indexing on different search engines including Google! To be more obvious, we don't just add a distributor name or id after the website like but rather a true replication and sub-domain.

Why our software is different to other MLM software companies 2017

Our MLM software has been developed with beautiful Front-End, proper replication feature, rich rep BackOffices facility, full tracking reports can be generated and with full admin management console available in the software so you can manage your business with ease.

Other major and well established features of our MLM software are Saleability, Mobility, VIPity and flexibility which makes our software more distinguished in the circle of MLM Software Companies 2017.

Here are the major aspects of our MLM software:

  • Most Accurate Software System
  • Efficient & Reliable
  • TRUE Sub-domain Replication Availability
  • Replicated Sites to have Personalized Headers
  • Party Plan Enhancements
  • Private Party Page URL Enhancements
  • Marketing Site Enhancements
  • Social Marketing Enhancements
  • Social Checkout Enhancements
  • Contact Manager Sales Funnel
  • eWallet Enhancements
  • Compact Administration of Products & Sales
  • Members & Commissions
  • Full Profile & Personal Photo
  • Sales Reporting
  • Genealogy Viewers
  • UniLevel , Binary , Matrix and Many More
  • Corporate Resource Section for Training
  • Administration POS for Tradeshows
  • Privatized Member Names
  • Flexibility to Split Payment
  • Distributor Commission Options
  • Automatic Customer Sales Reporting
  • Automated Sales Rep Signups
  • Simple & Clean Sales Rep BackOffices

There are various factors those effects the features of MLM Software which includes version of the software you want to purchase or level of your budget. It means, if your budget states your decisions, you may have difficulties in achieving success from your business.

For more information, cal (888) 221-0106 or send your compensation plan for a free review to

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MLM Software with Built In eWallet - Thursday, November 24, 2016
MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan companies face the challenge of delivering commissions, bonuses or promotions to it’s membership… QUICKLY!  An eWallet can give an almost Instant Access to funds, that can often be transferred, withdrawn or spent right now on products from the company.

Imagine commission calculations that you can split-post… some to an xls document to be run through your own check-writing program and the other directed to an eWallet. Firstly, this is handy if your primary focus is physical checks, which Everyone LOVES! The real angle here is you could set a threshold, say $20. Anything $20 and over goes into the xls for checks to be sent, while anything below the threshold goes to the eWallet. Talk about reducing postage costs! Yes, the export xls can just as easily be an api post to your favorite debitcard channel.

Now, imagine you pay all your commissions to the eWallet, giving instant earnings to the membership. Each member can see thier eWallet value from the back office. They can send it to another member, say their mom who just joined. Spend it themselves on company products/services. Or, they could request a withdrawal, which triggers sending of check or disbursement through debitcard.

Ok, now, consider a Direct Selling Party Plan company with Host Rewards. Perhaps a party with $1000 to $2000 creates $150 eWallet value for the Hostess. Maybe $2000.01 to $4000 creates $250 eWallet value for the Hostess. Yes, they can spend as real money on products.

What about a bonus, like a Team Bonus that every time 3 $999 Premiere Product Packs are sold $300 is qued as a pending Team Bonus, that after x days, say 7 days auto deposits to their eWallet? Yes, this can occur every single day, as sales occur and as the days of seasoning pass. If you don’t know it, the days of seasoning are simply a way to make sure funds clear on sales before hard dollar value is put in the eWallet.

Well, there’s a thumbnail discussion of eWallet functions available in the most trusted MLM Software available, DB44 by Inspetta. With over 20 years of experience, our system is complete, from the front-end to the back end, including: replication, back offices, party pages, administration, sales management, member management, reports, commissions and much more. A very flexible commission engine can be configured with thousands of possibilities and we are certainly willing to perform custom work, based on your needs.

Call 1-888-221-0106 to see how our MLM and Direct Selling Software can drive you to Success FASTER!
Visit to learn more.

Best Regards,
Inspetta LLC

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Zero Upfront Cost MLM Start Up Software - Tuesday, March 4, 2014
MLM Software Central .com offering Start Up MLM Software provided for FREE, for select MLM Companies.  *Requires Managed Services (hosting & support) Contract
  • We reserve the right to turn down any potential client
  • Real Product/Service Companies, no money games
  • Your desired Compensation Plan must be Documented and Fit in our Start Up MLM Software
  • You provide 5 pages Html Content, Design and Images
  • Requires Managed Services (hosting & support) Contract
  • Program may be cancelled at anytime

What does it include?

  1. Your html pages, as provided on the Root of our MLM System
  2. Integrated public eCommerce System
  3. Subdomain Replication for all Distributors
  4. Tracking of Sales and Signups to every Rep
  5. Distributor Back Office, Genealogy, Sales, Earnings Info, Corp Resources
  6. Corp Admin Back Office, Manage Members, Products, Commissions
  7. Hosting and Support
Yes, it is upgrade-able.
Yes, we can customize. Based on your written requirements an estimate can be provided.
Yes, we can do Custom Designs.
Yes, we can do Mobile Friendly Designs.
Get your requirements written down and call us.
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Inspetta Acquires MLM Software Central - Monday, April 30, 2012
Inspetta Announces Acquisition of MLM Software Central
Acquisition of MLM Software Central will enable expansion of proprietary Direct Selling and MLM Software Solutions.

Las Vega, Nevada – May 1, 2012 – MLM Software Central (, a leader in the Direct Selling and MLM Industry, providing Consulting and Software Solutions, with a focus on educating start-ups, today announces that it has been acquired by Inspetta LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada. This acquisition is a new and exciting juncture for MLM Software Central, enabling us to expand our role in the Direct Selling and MLM Industries with advanced and proprietary Direct Selling Software and MLM Software for Corporations.
The MLM and Direct Selling industry has changed a lot. In fact, the MLM Industry was the predominate title, covering; affiliate, network marketing, multi-level marketing, direct selling, infinity, affinity and many more. The term Direct Selling stands beside MLM today, expressly focused on the sale of real product or service to consumers, independent from those focused mostly on recruiting. This distinction is an important for existing and future start ups, as it cuts to the heart of a company's intentions. The MLM and Direct Selling industry share a common needs, which Inspetta will expand on. Those needs are Consulting and Software Solutions. As technology continues to advance, software solutions must continue to adapt or be reinvented. This must be balanced with the public demand for extensive marketing tools, which can create liability or simply lead a company astray very quickly. MLM Software Central was founded by Scott H Leonard, to provide timely information for starting MLM and Direct Selling Companies, Consulting and Software Solutions. Mr. Leonard has provided personalized consulting and software solutions to the industry for almost 20 years, with a passion for educating new start-ups towards success, through honest marketing of real products to real people. MLM Software Central will play a key roll in marketing our company's Direct Selling and MLM Software, while continuing to teach and provide resources to the industry.
Mr. Leonard's annual report on Outlooks for Start Up Companies will continue, providing vision and insight at the beginning of each year. The 2012 Outlook for Company Start Ups squarely recognized the impact on technologies, including changing effects on existing systems, expanded access to social marketing venues, security issues, outsourcing and marketing. His candid insight has been enjoyed by thousands and will be the continual desire of Inspetta, for every area of business.
The acquisition of the MLM Software Central Property and resources will permit Inspetta to continue to provide world-class information and software solutions for the MLM and Direct Selling Industries.
About MLM Software Central
MLM Software Central delivers Consulting and Software Solutions to the Direct Selling and MLM Industry, educating it's clients to nuances of the industry and enabling them to focus on the sale of products and services to consumers while we focus on building and maintaining the software infrastructures. MLM Software Central has lead the way in personalized services through our model of education and software development. The organization has been lead by a passion to see the industry grow and change for the better, with sustainable companies focused on sales of real products and services to real people. Our "Performance through Passion" has led to numerous recognitions and achievements. On May 1, 2012, MLM Software Central was officially acquired by Inspetta LLC, a conglomerate marketing, sales and information technologies solutions provider.
MLM Software Central is web property of Inspetta, LLC.
INSPETTA is a leader Sales, Marketing and Information Technologies Solutions for Business.
For more information, contact:
or visit
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