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MLM Software USA announces Custom Party Pages - Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Las Vega, Nevada - September 12, 2012 - MLM Software USA (, a web property of Inspetta LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada expands it's MLM Software Platform, called DB44 with customized Party Plan pages for the Direct Selling Industry.
The MLM and Direct Selling industry is often represented by companies seeking to market products and services, person-to-person, in group or party settings.  The reason... relationship and atmosphere leads to greater dollar volume of sales.  Additionally, it draws a hard line in the sand, identifying the company as focused on the sale of Product and Services to consumers, rather than an Endless Chain of Recruiting.  Heavy hitter MLM Distributors have found that a few hundred people in a downline can generate greater income from product sales with less effort.  Moreover, the sales often lead to repeat purchases, as customers fall in love with the product line.  Parties are often an attempt to invite many people over to a home or business location, to share the product/service.  No one gets up on a white board to explain how you get rich in MLM.  Instead, they share, with excitement, the company's products and how their life has been changed through the use of the company's products.
A Party Plan, often refers to a business model of an MLM/Direct Selling Company, who seeks to sell it's products, through the fashion described above.  Often, the compensation model provides retail profits to the Distributor, an incentives to a Hostess, and downline Commissions based off an unlimited width UniLevel Platform.  The web-based software platform needs to provide an invitation and confirmation system, order placement by the Distributor, option for individual payment or bulk order payment by Distributor and more.
The DB44 platform is an ASP.NET application that provides full corporate website, replicated with True Searchable Subdomains, Admin Back Office and Distributor Back Offices with a suit of features and functions.  Most notable are the Party Plan functions.  Custom Party Pages provide additional marketability for Distributors.  First, they have a replicated Corporate Site.  Now, they also have Private Party Pages on their existing Replicated Site!  The Private Party Page is like a Sales Sheet for a Distributor.  A personal profile image and info on why my Parties are Awesome!  The regular corporate site and design are missing, so the Custom Party Page is 100% a unique marketing page of the Distributor, with no navigation to exit and explore other areas of the site.  Any Parties created by the Distributor also get a dedicated URL within the Distributor's subdomain, and are listed on the Distributor's Party Page as upcoming Parties.  A Distributor could class up a party page with Polka-dots and a Profile Image with a Polka-Dot Scarf.  By clicking on a specific party, listed on the Distributor's Custom Party Page, we can find a completely different look and feel.  The Party on Coronado Island has a photo of the Beach and Palm trees, while The Party in Beverly Hills a photo of a Mansion and Bentley.  Every party can be unique, expressing the atmosphere and excitement of a particular party.  Additionally, the Distributor is able to Create a Catalog, for each party.  Thus, on the Custom Party Page of Coronado Island, a catalog of 12 products that will be for sale at the party are listed, with prices.  If I am not able to attend, I could by them, pre-party, from this page.  The party in Beverly Hills may have a completely different list of products that will be shared and I could buy them ahead of the party if I like.
The new method of providing Custom Distributor Party Page, Custom Party Page, Custom Party Catalog, and ability to confirm attendance online, enable Distributors to market the attendance to and sales at their parties.
About MLM Software USA and MLM Software Central
MLM Software USA and MLM Software Central are web-properties of Inspetta LLC, focused on delivering Consulting and Software Solutions to the Direct Selling and MLM Industry, educating it's clients to nuances of the industry and enabling them to focus on the sale of products and services to consumers while we focus on building and maintaining the software infrastructures.  Inspetta LLC leads the way in personalized services through our model of education and software development. The organization is lead by a passion to see the industry grow and change for the better, with sustainable companies focused on sales of real products and services to real people. Our "Performance through Passion" has led to numerous recognitions and achievements.  On May 1, 2012, MLM Software USA and MLM Software Central were officially acquired by Inspetta LLC, a conglomerate marketing, sales and information technologies solutions provider.
MLM Software USA is web property of Inspetta, LLC. 1-888-221-0106
MLM Software Central is web property of Inspetta, LLC. 1-888-221-0106
About DB44
DB44 is a software application development of Inspetta LLC.  It is an ASP.Net application with MSSql Server, delivering performance enabled software and database  solutions to business.  One of the specialties of DB44 is MLM Platforms, where website, content management, site replication, admin management, distributor back offices, custom commission calculations, integrated eCommerce and more, must seamlessly deliver accurate results.
Inspetta LLC is a leader in Sales, Marketing and Information Technologies Solutions for Business.
A conglomerate Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Software Development, Company Start Up, Consulting and Venture Capitalist.  For more information, contact:  1-888-221-0106
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